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Root Canal Therapy


Are you experiencing throbbing tooth pain that won’t go away? At Guardian Family Dental in St. George, UT, we understand how debilitating dental discomfort can affect your daily life and overall well-being. But fear not because relief is within reach with our expert root canal therapy services. Led by Dr. Kyle Crandall, our compassionate team is here to provide gentle and effective treatment that relieves your pain and preserves your natural smile. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to lasting oral health with Guardian Family Dental’s root canal therapy in St. George, UT.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is a dental procedure to save a tooth that has become infected or severely damaged. The procedure involves:

  • Removing the infected or inflamed pulp tissue from inside the tooth.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the root canals.
  • Sealing them to prevent further infection.

By preserving the natural tooth structure, root canal therapy can alleviate pain, restore function, and prevent the need for extraction.

What are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

  • Pain Relief: Root canal therapy effectively alleviates tooth pain caused by infection or inflammation, allowing you to enjoy improved oral comfort.
  • Tooth Preservation: By saving the natural tooth, root canal therapy helps maintain the integrity of your smile and avoids the need for extraction.
  • Improved Oral Health: Removing infected pulp tissue and sealing the root canals prevents the spread of infection and protects neighboring teeth from damage.
  • Functional Restoration: With a dental crown, the treated tooth can regain its strength, function, and appearance, enabling you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

The Root Canal Therapy Process:

  1. Diagnosis and Evaluation: Root canal therapy begins with a thorough examination and diagnostic imaging to assess the extent of damage or infection in the affected tooth. Dr. Crandall will evaluate your symptoms, dental history, and X-rays to determine if root canal therapy is necessary.
  2. Local Anesthesia: Before beginning the procedure, we administer local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. This numbs the affected area, allowing Dr. Crandall to work efficiently and painlessly.
  3. Pulp Removal: Once the tooth is numb, Dr. Crandall will create a small access opening in the top of the tooth to reach the infected or inflamed pulp tissue. Using specialized instruments, we carefully remove the diseased pulp from the root canals.
  4. Cleaning and Shaping: After we remove the pulp, the root canals are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and shaped to remove any remaining bacteria or debris. This step is crucial for ensuring the success of the treatment and preventing reinfection.
  5. Filling and Sealing: Once the root canals are cleaned and shaped, they are filled with a biocompatible gutta-percha material to seal them and prevent bacteria from re-entering. The access opening is then sealed with a temporary or permanent filling to restore the tooth’s structure and strength.
  6. Restoration: After we complete the root canal therapy, Dr. Crandall may recommend placing a dental crown on the treated tooth to provide added protection and support. This crown helps to restore the tooth’s appearance, function, and durability, allowing you to bite and chew comfortably.
Why Choose Guardian Family Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

At Guardian Family Dental, we prioritize patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction above all else. Dr. Kyle Crandall and our compassionate team provide every patient with gentle and personalized care. With our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and expertise in root canal therapy, we ensure that your treatment is efficient, effective, and stress-free. Trust Guardian Family Dental to restore your smile and oral health with comprehensive root canal therapy in St. George, UT.

Root Canal Therapy in St. George, UT

Don’t let the fear of root canal therapy prevent you from achieving a healthy, pain-free smile. At Guardian Family Dental, we offer compassionate and expert care to preserve your teeth and oral health. Under the guidance of Dr. Kyle Crandall, you can trust in the quality and success of your root canal therapy. If you are in pain, don’t wait; contact our office today! 

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